Some fiction may contain mature subject matter including m/m relationships, adult situations, strong language and violence.

Please do not read if these things offend you.


All fics are labeled with their specific pairing. Please use the quicklinks on the left side of this page for access to all fics within a certain pairing.




~ Snarry Fiction

Dawning  - Post-Deathly Hallows - PG

Summary: A very quick fix for those of us who lost a bit of our soul on page 658.


~ Works in Progress ~


Declaratio - SNARRY, eventually NC17 - Standalone, Hurt/comfort, Post HBP, spoilers for all books up to DH
                Summary:Fixing Snarry for the post-HBP depressives.



~ Harry/Draco Fiction

Pitch Black  PWP, NC17
                Summary: Even Draco has to practice!

Alcedonia  PWP, NC17
                Summary: Harry finds the peace he's been lacking since the war.

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