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~ Standalone Fics ~


Freud       ~ Summary:     If dreams are wishes fulfilled...

Warnings/Notes: First Person, Angst, Episode-related (Exodus/Exile)   


Mending     ~  Summary:Lex mends, Clark helps.

Warnings/Notes: H/C, Angst, Drama


Cover By Philtre

Faultline     ~ Summary:   There's a fine line between loyalty and betrayal.

Warnings/Notes: Futurefic, Angst, Drama


Illumination      ~ Summary: For Goss' "Lex Reflection" artwork in the Moment In Time challenge

Warnings/Notes: Futurefic, Angst



Falsetto      ~ Summary:    In the false glow of the camera's Flash, the same old same old shines like new.

Warnings/Notes: Humor, Futurefic


**Coercion    ~ Summary:    Clark/Lionel and Clex for Dana on her birthday, because I love her!

Warnings/Notes: First of two Clionel fics, Shades of non-con, First Time

**Exaction       ~ Summary:    Clark/Lionel and Clex

Warnings/Notes: Sequel to COERCION, Shades of non-con


Closing Wounds    Summary:    An injured Lex tries to take care of Clark in his own way.

Warnings/Notes: - H/C, First Time


Red Sky at Night    ~ Summary:    Where we all hope the boys will somehow miraculously not end up.

Warnings/Notes: Futurefic, Drama   **warning: contains autoerotic asphyxiation **


  Cover By Philtre


Green Reflection    ~ Summary:    Anniversary and Clex on the beach (well, almost).

Warnings/Notes: Romance, PWP, Futurefic   ~  Monet's "Water Lilies - Green Reflection" can be found: here.


  Cover By Dameange (lady angel)


Are You Honest    Summary:    Lex resists himself. (My first non-NC-17 fic, in which the boys are naked 100% of the time, of course.)

Warnings/Notes:  Angst


  Cover By Meret



Are You Fair   Summary:    Sequel to "Are You Honest"

Warnings/Notes: Angst, First Time


  Cover By Meret


Alone Together    ~ Summary:    Clex for all the right reasons, and all the wrong ones, too. Lex tries to comfort Clark when the Kents are killed.

Angst, H/C, First Time, Character Death (parents), AU



2,358   ~ Summary:    The boys celebrate Alexander the Great's Birthday.

  - PWP



Sense Memories    ~ Summary:   Lex refreshes Clark's memory.

- First Time, looong PWP



Mother Hen   ~ Summary:    Lex geds sig and Clarg dages gare of him.

- H/C, First Time, Humor


Cover by Gothphyle


The Same Thing    ~ Summary:   Clark can't rid himself of something he needs.

First Time, Angst


  Cover By Gossamer


Stasis   ~ Summary:    A door closes, a window opens. (Warning, Hex {Helen/Lex} for the sake of Clex)

Angst, Het, AU



A Way Apart    ~ Summary:    Clark pulls away, finally.





Collaborations with Dana

Possess It Merely

Summary:   On their anniversay, Clark wants a gift Lex isn't capable of giving.

Warnings/Notes: Redfic, Futurefic, shades of non-con, erotic asphyxiation


  Cover By Slodwick



As The Night The Day

Summary:   All roads lead home, even this one. Under financial strain, Clark sets out to save the farm by selling himself. When Lex hires him, will this path lead home?

Warnings/Notes: AU, Futurefic, First Time, Rent!boy Clark

(Click Here for Deleted Scenes from As The Night The Day)

  Cover By Philtre






~ Works in Progress ~


False Dawn   

Summary: The backstory of Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor  (LAST UPDATED FEB. 04)




~ The There Series ~

In this series, there are two versions of each fic - one written in Lex's point of view and one written in Clark's point of view.

The fics range from first time to established relationship to bdsm to pwp.


Chapter I

Getting There      Almost There


Chapter II

There is Only Lex      There is Only Clark


Chapter III

Cover by Gossamer

There's No Hurry        Lying There


Chapter IV

Cover by Gossamer

There's A Light         There in the Darkness


Chapter V

Out There         There Above Everything


Chapter VI

Cover by Goss

Right There



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